More Swan Mills Family Parallels 。◕ ‿ ◕。

  • My dad :  I was wondering, are you still watching this show with the 2 divorced moms?
  • Me :  What show?
  • My dad :  With a blonde and a brunette who are fighting for their son!
  • Me :  What the fuck is that?
  • My dad :  You know! The blonde is a sheriff and the other one is the mayor and they had a son together. The brunette has magic and she wants to kill the other one but she still loves her!
  • Me :  Oh, you mean Once Upon a Time?

" I’m sure some people will think it’s preposterous to get so excited over bits of paper and black pencil on lines, but I see and hear worlds come out of these pages. … Whole worlds, great worlds that have influenced me, and moved me, and done things to me that no other art has."
Stephen Fry, Wagner and Me (via falltothepage)

You have such a huge fan base and it’s such an interesting show. Do your fans ask you for anything unusual? It being such an unusual show.


A woman of color plays a lead character. There’s a trans character who’s treated respectfully. The white British dude is the immigrant with an accent, not the Asian woman. The cast is diverse. The story is interesting and fun. Moriarty is a powerful, complex female character with diverse motivations. Lucy fucking Liu is in it. There’s kick-ass mystery solving shit going on. There’s a pet turtle. Elementary is a gift to us all. 


Steven Moffat, thanking Sue Vertue and Mark Gatiss — 66th Emmy Awards

Notice how he doesn’t actually name Sue Vertue. He first calls her sexy, like it’s more important than her being a ‘just’ a producer. When some men talk about women it’s easy to see how they really feel about women, and it’s that who they are is secondary to their sexual desirability.

(You’re just so fucking gay, Betty…)


Xena: Warrior Princess + Text Posts (5/?)


you don’t realise how much tumblr has changed your view on things until you spend time with friends who don’t have tumblr and they say something and you’re just like



I find it interesting how society doesn’t care when the media sexualizes women, when men sexualizes women, when school and the government sexualizes women. But the second a woman is in control and sexualizes herself willingly it’s wrong and disgusting.